Recommended: Torben Westergaard – “Tangofied II”


Torben Westergaard - "Tangofied II"On Tangofied II, bassist Torben Westergaard blends two seemingly contradictory influences of Nordic jazz and Argentinean tango.  But by deftly finding the commonalities in the folk music inherent to both forms, Westergaard unites the two as one, and what begins as an odd curiosity is transformed into something that comes off as a natural, an almost pragmatic form of expression.

“Waltz Me” leads right out with the ensemble’s blending formula of the two, disparate influences.  The fluid grace of tango meshes nicely with a Nordic sensibility, as spurts of motion twist around the calm heart of the song, each leaving the other undisturbed while sounding perpetually in synch.  “Don’t Leave Any Thoughts Behind” doesn’t shake the developing trend, shifting between sharp bursts of propulsion and long effortless glides with the same fluid grace as the opening track.

It’s interesting to hear how the Nordic and Argentinean influences adapt to those times when their opposite takes on a stronger role for a particular song.  The moody, drifting piece “Minor Me” speaks from the streets of Copenhagen, but guitarist Ernesto Snajer’s guitar works in some sounds of the Rio de la Plata, providing a valuable, intermittent shift in perspective.  “Dinamargentina” dishes out the tango cadences, and while the song is dominated by an unqualified exuberance, Westergard slips in passages of a deeper serenity informed by the Nordic influence.

“Chacarera” and “Huayno” illustrate the diversity of Argentinean folk and tango musics.  Westergaard’s ensemble embraces the regional traits corresponding to both chacerera and huayno while sticking to the album’s winning formula.  The guest vocal on “Året Rundt” allows Westergaard to mute the predominant influences on this album and simply craft a pretty song for the ensemble members, comprised of both Danish and Argentinean musicians, to just let their musicianship flow.

A curious album with a curious sound that reveals the facets to its beauty slowly, patiently, and fully over time.

Your album personnel:  Torben Westergaard (bass), Ida Nørholm (cello), Anders Banke (bass clarinet), Alejandro Sancho (guitar), Ernesto Snajer (guitar), and guests:  Mariano “Tiki” Cantero (percussion, voice), Victor Carrion (quena, sikus), Jacob Andersen (percussion), Adi Zukanovic (sonics), and Andrea Pellegrini (vocal).

The album is Self-Produced.

Jazz from the Copenhagen scene.

It appears that the only traditional retail outlet is iTunes, but the download is available at 7Digital for those of you who shop there.  The CD is available at Gateway Music and directly from the artist’s site.  Westergaard offers to sign the CD if you buy direct.



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